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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to previously scheduled programing!

Ok false alarm.  Snow is gone, sun is shining, mom is home safe, hockey team will have good roads to travel home on, snow tires are still on so expect a heat wave.  I know, I know, I have lived this life for 23 winters and I know that the first snowfall is just a sample of what's to come....and stay.

That's all I have to say about that....


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why did it snow today?

Well I have a few theories.....first, something unusual happened.  I had my winter tire put on my truck yesterday and it snowed today, hmmmm.  Unusual, why is that unusual?  Well it almost never works like that, I put on the winters and we get a heat wave, I take off the winters and it snows 6 inches. 

Second theory - first road trip for the Bantam hockey team this weekend.  Traveling 6 hours is so much more fun in the snow.  I must admit getting that first winter drive out of the way somehow prepares us for the what is to come (for the next 6 months). 

Third and final theory (I promise) - mom is in Vancouver, which is 7+ hours away looking after my lil sista's kids and was planning to drive home today.  Mom is terrified of winter driving (why does she live here you ask? - I'll save that for another day).  One year, Christmas was all but cancelled because they wouldn't drive in the snow.  So I did what any dear, caring daughter would do, left them at home, alone.  Ok don't think those things of me, I love my mom and I look forward to seeing her in April when the snow melts and she feels the risk of white stuff has passed.

Alright I lied, one more thought about that white stuff, it is November and I guess we have been lucky that it did not come earlier as it very well could have. 

I'm off to start my Chirstmas baking (nothing like snow jumpstart Christmas in the house).