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Monday, September 27, 2010

Keurig magic!

I have made some great discoveries in my life and I must share my current favorite!  My Keurig single cup coffee maker and milk frother.  I feel like a barista every morning.  I had intended to purchase the Tassimo brewer, but while researching that brand I discovered there was another player in the game (well there was more than one other player).  As I read into the subject I discovered the great reviews that the Keurig machine was getting and decided to go for it.  After purchasing my Keurig in January (2010) I have to concur, I have found it amazingly easy to operate and the coffee is also amazing.  If it wasn't for the dogs and kids and the mess on the kitchen table I would never know I was at home (the kids and the dogs aren't on the table).  
And so the inspiration for this card!  The perfect blend!

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